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AQ-230 - Cordless oral irrigator - Water Flossers

AQ-230 - Cordless oral irrigator - Water Flossers

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KDA officially recommended

(especially for the patients with braces, implant, dental prosthesis)


Main disease worldwide
Dental disease increases by 12% every year

80% of adults suffer from dental disease

Just brushing is not enough

Taking care of the hidden spots where a toothbrush doesn’t reach


periodontal pocket

Blind spot where toothbrush and floss don’t reach


Periodontal pocket

It is a pocket shaped crack between the gum and tooth(depth: about 3mm∼5mm)

  • Forms plaque and tartar
  • Weakens gum bone
  • Widens gums
  • Tooth falling out


  • Unremoved food debris


Ergonomically designed
for optimal cleansing effect

  • Strong, fine water stream of 0.6mm
  • 1,400 pulsating water stream / min
  • Optimal cleansing effect
  • 200ml Water container
  • Non-contact charging method

3 different modes

  • Clean mode
    • cleans teeth and gum cleanly
  • Soft mode
    • cleans teeth and gum softly
  • Massage mode
    • massages the gum

Aquapick! has been verified by trustworthy
overseas and domestic research institutes!

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