1. If I use the AQ-350 water flosser do I still need to use string floss or interdental brushes?

R . No, once you use and master the Aquapick you will no longer need to buy dental floss or inter-dental brushes again.  

2. How often do I use the AQ-350 water flosser?

R - This depend on you and your gum health. Flossing twice daily with Aquapick is perfect but we have seen extremely good results from people that have only used it once a day.  

3. Can the AQ-350 water flosser cause damage to my gums?

R. No, as the maximum pressure on the Aquapick is 100psi it can not damage gums. Of course this will depend on your gum health prior to starting, if any pain is experienced simply reduce pressure.  

4. If I have sensitive teeth, will the AQ-350 water flosser hurt me when flossing?

R. Use warm water if you suffer from sensitive teeth. 

5. How do I know what pressure setting to start at?

R. We recommend adults start at half pressure, children or if you have recently had oral surgery start at low pressure. 

6. How often to the jet-tips need to be replaced?

R. Replace jet-tips every 2 years 

7. How do I know when the jet-tips need to be replaced?

R . If water pressure is reducing or if any leaking around the connection of the tip and handle 

8. What maintenance is needed for the Aquapick AQ-350?

R - After completion of flossing run your Aquapick for a few seconds with no water in it. This helps flush any residual water from the piston and helps maintain your new Aquapick. We recommend using Aquapick Cleaning Tablets once every 2 months for normal town supply water. For areas renowned to suffer from hard water or water high in calculus cleaning is recommended more regularly as is water supplied from bores or caught water systems (roof water).

Keep you Aquapick clean by using a clean white cloth every time after use, this will help ensure your unit lasts longer. 

9. Will I get some bleeding if I use the water flosser?

R . Bleeding is often caused by gums being inflamed, getting started may in some cases cause bleeding. If bleeding is caused floss twice a day until bleeding is not caused.   

10. What if I have receding gums, is it ok to use the Aquapick AQ-350 water flosser?

R. Yes, the Aquapick AQ - 350 can be extremely effective for the prevention of further damage. 12 pressure settings allows you to set the perfect pressure for you. As your gums get stronger increase the pressure. 

11. Do Dentists recommend the use of the Aquapick AQ-350 water flosser?

R. Yes, we have many dentists in Europe recommending Aquapick and the AQ - 350 every day to their patients and friends.  

12. Can I put mouth wash, salt  or essential oils in the water reservoir?

R. We do not recommend using anything other than fresh water with Aquapick. Remove the source of the issue, not all bacteria. Bacteria trapped under the gums can be destructive, with the Aquapick AQ - 350 is it easy to target specific areas. If you want to use mouth wash, salt wash or essential oils, please feel free to use it separately. Do not risk damaging your new product.

13. What water can I use in the Aquapick AQ-350 water flosser?

R. Town  supply take water is fine to use, if you drink it, use it in your Aquapick  AQ - 350.  Tank or bore water, machines may need cleaning more regularly using Aquapick cleaning tablets, available on the Aquapick.shop web site.  

14. Is it messy to use?

R. No it is not messy to use the Aquapick AQ - 350. Because the AQ - 350 has a piston pump, the unit can be placed in the pause position at any time for as long as you wish, doing no harm to the motor. Simply close your lips gently and run the jet tips up the lion of the teeth and around the gum line. No need to look in the mirror, you will feel the gentle pulsation of the water. 

15 . How many times a week minimum should I use it?

R. We recommend using the Aquapick AQ - 350 every day. If you suffer from gingivitis or periodontal disease, or just love the feel of a fresh clean mouth, you can use the AQ - 350 as many times a day as you wish.