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AquaPick Europe

Aquapick Portable ToothBrush Sterilizer AQ-90

Aquapick Portable ToothBrush Sterilizer AQ-90

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Aquapick Portable Toothbrush Sterilizer


99.9% sterilization of harmful bacteria with powerful UVC LED
Convenient charging with USB charging cable
Sterilization is completed in just 5 minutes!

A light source capable of sterilizing 99.9% of major bacteria with
ultraviolet wavelengths in the range of 200 to 280 nm
Battery charging time is approximately 1 hour and can be used approximately
50 times for 5 minutes each time.
Compact size that fits easily in one hand
Compact size allows for easy storage anywhere
Put the toothbrush in and close the lid, after 5 minutes turns off automatically.

Product Name: Aquapick Portable Toothbrush Sterilizer
Model Name: AQ-90
Product composition: Main body, USB charging cable
Rated voltage: 3.7V
Dimension: 75x53x28mm
Product weight: 50g
UVC LED lifespan: semi-permanent (approximately 20,000 hours)

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